Pictured above: The Lions Club of Braintree representatives.
    This club donated a very generous £1,000 towards the funding of essential equipment to be carried by BEARS Enhanced Care Car.


BEARS Currently have a number of Projects that we are seeking full or part funding for - Can you help?

  Video Laryngoscopes

Funding is required for the purchase of Video Laryngoscopes for each of BEARS individual RespondersThis device allows difficult airway management to be made easier. It allows a better view of the throat and internal structures, thus making it easier to insert a breathing tube into the throat.


Project cost Video Laryngoscopes will cost £12,000



Lucas 3 Chest Compression System

Funding is required for the purchase of a 
Lucas 3 Chest Compression SystemThe LUCAS Chest Compression System will assist our Doctors and Paramedics, by providing effective and uninterrupted chest compressions on sudden cardiac arrest patients.  With automated CPR, our Medics will be freed up to focus on other critical life-saving tasks, such as ventilation, medication and defibrillation.

This system increases the opportunities for improved outcomes … Effective Compressions and Good Blood Flow Lead to Lifesaving CPR

Effective chest compressions deliver vital oxygen to the brain and can prime the heart for a successful shock. Maintaining sufficient coronary perfusion pressure during cardiac arrest, improves the likelihood of return spontaneous circulation.

Project CostThe cost to fund this project in total will be £9,600.00



Community Awareness Vehicle

Funding is required for the purchase of a Community Awareness Vehicle

Vehicle Purpose

The requirement for this vehicle, aside from creating further community awareness of BEARS, will be to store and transport our community / exhibition equipment, along with promotional goods and literature. The vehicle will be used and seen on the roads throughout Essex on a daily basis.With the acquisition of a community awareness vehicle, we will eradicate our current storage fees, the task of having to collect heavy equipment from storage and fitting it into our own cars to transport everything that is required, to and from community events. In addition, now that BEARS supporter base is growing, we frequently receive contact from our fundraisers requesting promotional items or collection boxes etc, for their supporter-led fundraising events, therefore having a vehicle equipped with our community awareness and promotional items, will enable us to directly deliver equipment (dependant upon distance) or mail directly out, eradicating the need to drive to and from our storage unit, package up item/s, drive to a post office to mail items and so forth… This will help us to support our fundraisers more efficiently.

The cost to fully sponsor this project will be £16,945

Wipe Clean Advanced Resuscitation Bags