BASICS Essex Accident Rescue Service

BEARS was formed in June 2011 following the
merger of North East Essex Doctors Emergency
Service (NEEDES) and Mid Essex Doctors
Immediate Care Scheme (MEDICS).


BEARS are a group of Doctors and Paramedics 
with additional training who respond voluntarily
to provide advanced pre hospital care to those
that need it. 

BEARS Partnership

We work very closely with the Essex locality of the
East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust who
dispatches us to calls where people may be critically

ill or injured in the county.


NEEDES was formed by Dr Dunn while MEDICS
(previously Saffron Waldon Accident Group) was
formed by the now Vice Chair of BEARS
Dr C John Eaton.
Dr C John Eaton wrote a text on Immediate
Medical Care and is used by many as a Key
guide on this subject. 

Both NEEDES and MEDICS have provided Immediate Medical Care at the roadside in Essex since 1976. Both schemes being one of the first to be set up across the country.


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